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Disaster Restoration

What Equipment Is Used for Mitigating Damages in a Home?

The Restoration Industry is About Rapid Response

When your home sustains damage due to a fire, storm, flood, or another disaster, various tools and pieces of equipment come into play during the recovery and restoration process.

At Azure Restoration, we rely on advanced industry equipment to complete our restoration services.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the powerful devastation caused by hurricanes and other storms to backed-up plumbing systems and small kitchen fires.

No matter the case, any disaster restoration company must charge themselves with coming to a job properly equipped.

The necessary and optimal equipment can vary from job to job and could include anything from a gallon of antimicrobial cleaning to entire truckloads of supplies.

However, our team from Azure Restoration wants to share some of the standard equipment we employ on numerous jobs all over the South Florida community.

Azure Restoration is the Partner to Help You Tackle the Toughest Jobs

The longer damage goes untreated, the more challenging remediation becomes. This delay also means the more potentially dangerous the situation is for anyone occupying a facility.

Thus, the right restoration team will bring all the equipment they need to control and remedy the situation as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Some of the equipment we rely on includes:

Air Movers

The most common use for air movers is drying out water damaged areas. This equipment’s design is to blow lower to the ground at high speeds. As a result, this forces water to swiftly and efficiently evaporate from floors and carpets.

Commercial-grade air movers significantly decrease the drying time in the event of a disaster. This machine helps our team (as well as homeowners) get to work in restoring, repairing, and rebuilding. The grading of this equipment utilized by restoration pros enables them to run the machine for several days without stopping.


The basic operation of a dehumidifier is fairly straightforward. This piece of equipment sucks air into an inner chamber. From here, the air passes over very cold coils. When the entering warm air passes over the cold coils, this draws the moisture from the air, dripping into a storage bucket or other tank outside of the unit.

HEPA Air Scrubbers

HEPA air scrubbers are used for dust control and to improve the overall indoor air quality. The equipment can accomplish this task by moving the air and filtering particles that remain settled on surfaces, as well as airborne.

We employ air scrubbers in many different applications from fires to flooding. Azure Restoration can also deploy this equipment for odor control utilizing carbon filtration attachments.

Information on Common Restoration Equipment by Azure Restoration

Azure Restoration brings the best equipment possible for every job. When it comes to restoration equipment for disaster recovery, you need quality, in addition to dependability. You can count on our team to bring the best possible commercial equipment available on the market today.

Our customers in the South Florida community count on us to get their properties back to normal as quickly as possible. This commitment to our customers means bringing equipment (and staff) that we, and you can rely on.

To learn more about our equipment and how we approach the various jobs we face, contact Azure Restoration today!

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