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Water Damage Restoration

Mitigating Damages for Your Home After a Flood

What to Do About Water Damage Restoration?

Flooding is often an overwhelming situation for property owners. The emotional toll that a disaster can cause in combination with damage from standing water and flooding make the situation challenging to overcome. Any damage to your home is stressful. Hiring a water damage restoration company like Azure Restoration is the best way to restore and remodel a property after an incident while also mitigating stress and burden.

With the seemingly endless barrage of hurricanes, high-force winds, and other storms, many South Florida residents find themselves returning to their flood-damaged homes in the wake of a disaster. For this reason, our team from Azure Restoration wants to offer some insights and tips to homeowners on how they can proceed once the storm waters recede. Read on to learn more.

Stay Calm

Don’t feel overanxious. A storm situation is a stressful ordeal to handle. However, realizing and preparing for demolition and repair takes time can help to alleviate some stress. Make sure you document everything with photos and video for your insurance provider, take a deep breath, and understand that now is the time real work can begin.

Additionally, don’t wait for an insurance representative to show up to the property before getting started. When a property remains closed for two to three weeks, mold can begin to grow everywhere. Within two to three days of a storm receding, you should return to your home to assess the damage, removing whatever you can that was touched by the waters.

Find a Professional to Help

Many homeowners put the work in to handle the initial water clearance phases. This work includes dealing with soaked furniture, appliances, carpet, and drywall. The beginning phase of disaster recovery seems relatively straightforward.

However, with substantial flooding, invading waters can hide all types of dangerous debris. You also must keep in mind that the majority of facilities impacted by storm waters have electrical current running throughout. Much of this may remain below the waterline.

Coming into contact with submerged outlets, electrical cords, as well as appliances can put you at significant risk for electric shock. An expert team can come in and ensure electricity is off or nonfunctional before approaching the situation.

Time is of the essence when facing a notable invasion of water. Contact with a trained professional is imperative to attain the best possible outcome as soon as possible. Addressing flood and property damage should take place within 24 to 36 hours after the disaster occurs.

Information on Professional Flood Remediation and Restoration Services from Azure Restoration

Water damage restoration is best handled by a reputable restoration provider like our team from Azure Restoration.

Our technicians come to the job ready-to-work with everything they need. Our professionals have the right tools and proper training, skills, and attitude as well.

Azure Restoration responds to every job immediately, and remain more than willing to address any questions or concerns regarding the work done and to be done.

We will thoroughly inspect your property before assessing flood water shutdown, extraction, and evaporation. Our services not only include flood water damage but extend to mold remediation as well.

Properly treating water damage is essential for your health and the health of anyone residing or working at the property. To learn more about our flood restoration services, contact Azure Restoration today!

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