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Shrink Wrapped Roof

Emergency Shrink Wrapping Services

Azure Restoration and our team of disaster recovery and restoration specialists understand loss. When a disaster situation occurs, this could mean suffering as an individual that loses their home due to flooding and water damage, or a company that loses everything due to storm, fire, or some other catastrophic event.

In the state of Florida, residents and business owners contend with storms virtually every year. More water damage often occurs once the storm passes as a result of ineffective measures taken after the damage already takes place. 

The damage typically happens while businesses and homeowners wait for licensed and qualified roofers to come in and repair storm damage. Although traditional blue tarp covers still have a place in disaster preparation and recovery, this is not the ideal solution to prevent water damage and inevitably the presence of mold.

Our shrink wrap roof sealing in Florida serves as an effective, affordable solution to prevent existing damage from getting worse. By keeping damaged areas sealed and protected from further damage, Azure Restoration can enable restoration to occur much sooner in a dry environment.

Disaster Containment and Mitigation

Severe tropical storms and hurricanes are commonplace in Florida. After strong storms, our roofs may suffer damage that results in unwanted water entering a home or place of business. In this situation, shrink wrap roof sealing remains necessary to protect the area until a professional can come in to perform repairs.

Replacing a damaged roof is an obvious solution. Unfortunately, when a storm takes place leaving disaster and damage in its wake, roofing companies often get backlogged with customers in counties all over Florida. Many cannot replace or repair a roof until a few months to a year have passed.

This is far too long a period for any building to go while a leaky roof pours water into the interior and internal structure.

Azure Restoration is Florida’s specialist when it comes to shrink wrap roof sealing. We can come in and install a light but tough roof shrink wrap sealer around the roof of a building that serves as a protection layer. Our roof sealing enables the building to stay protected for an increased time until a professional can step in with repair or replacement.

Roof heat-shrink wrapping offers various benefits to traditional blue tarping. It reduces the amount of wind that can sometimes blow beneath blue tarping, causing it to blow away. This is a notable advantage, especially during the windy hurricane seasons in South Florida. Shrinkwrap sealers also look much better than traditional blue roof tarping.

Shrink Wrap Roof Sealing in Florida | Azure Restoration

Azure Restoration arrives on the scene when you need them most. Our experts will begin by assessing the situation to plan out the best course of action to remedy your emergency situation. 

We work with insurance companies as a preferred contractor to get the job done accurately, and safely, enabling you to get back into your home or back to work as swiftly as possible with minimal headaches.

Our shrink wrap roof sealing in Florida will contain the situation, allowing the facility to dry out. This reduces the chances for mold, making reconstruction and repair notably faster. We take pride in helping Floridians get back to their lives while they put their disaster situation behind them.

Water Damage Restoration

Mitigating Damages for Your Home After a Flood

What to Do About Water Damage Restoration?

Flooding is often an overwhelming situation for property owners. The emotional toll that a disaster can cause in combination with damage from standing water and flooding make the situation challenging to overcome. Any damage to your home is stressful. Hiring a water damage restoration company like Azure Restoration is the best way to restore and remodel a property after an incident while also mitigating stress and burden.

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